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Week 13 – Topic 3: Assignment 1 Course Wrap Up!

  What do you feel you have accomplished in this course, in particular, with your Technology Integration Activity? I feel through this course I’ve become more confident in stepping out and trying new technologies with my students. I’ve also realized… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101: Activity 3: Share Your Experiences with AR, VR, and Wearable Tech

I have very limited experience with AR, VR, and wearable tech. I’ve use Fitbits for years and enjoyed the training aspects of it when I would go trail running. I see the benefits of AR and VR being used in… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101: Final Project: Technology Integration Activity

My goal was to find a way to give my students formative feedback on their inquiry projects. After searching for an easily accessible technology for my Grade ¾ level I chose to use Google Classroom and Google Sites.  Google Classroom… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101: Assignment 4 ~ My Technology Integration Activity Design

Learning objective: Students will be able to independently submit their natural resources inquiry project digitally for formative feedback through Google Classroom. Statement of what the student is going to do: Students will go onto Google Classroom and upload their inquiry… Continue Reading →

Week 9: Activity 3 – Welcome Video

Check out my video on Vimeo! How I created my video I used Powtoon to create my video. I’ve wanted to figure out how to make a decent video using this program for a while. The free version really limits… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5011: Week 8 – Activity 2 (Finding Resources)

Create a list of digital resources that you will need as you develop your Technology Integration Activity project. These could include: Images: I’ll be using images to go alongside my instructions so I’ll search for them through the Creative Commons… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5011 – Week 8: Activity 1 (Digital Safety Plan)

My Technology Integration Activity project will require the creation of a digital learning space where students submit their Inquiry projects for formative assessment. I believe it would be beneficial for me to create a Digital Safety Plan as students will… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101: Week 7 – Assignment 1 The Diffusion Simulation Game

Activity 1: The Diffusion Simulation Game Your experience playing the game. The first time I played I wasn’t very intentional in my choices and didn’t look at the lunch mate or social committee. I found it frustrating at how long… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101: Week 6 – Assignment 3 Exploring Digital Solutions

Hello! My assignment was created on Padlet. Click on this link to access it ———->  

EDDL 5101: Week 3 – Activity 4: My Checklist Criteria

My checklist is mainly based off of the CSAM Framework and SECTIONS model.   Criteria for critically evaluating web-based resources, digital tools and applications to be used by my students.  Is this technology easy for my students to interact with,… Continue Reading →

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