1. What do you feel you have accomplished in this course, in particular, with your Technology Integration Activity?
    1. I feel through this course I’ve become more confident in stepping out and trying new technologies with my students. I’ve also realized the importance of making my students digitally literate. I never understood what that meant until this course and so far this year I’ve found myself teaching little mini lessons on things that have come up during random discussions. I am a firm believer in teaching my students how to navigate this crazy technology driven world as it’s what they’ve grown up in and will need to understand when furthering their education or getting a job. 
  2. Where do you see your strengths with the integration of digital technologies in education now, at the end of this course?
    1. I’ve enjoyed learning about the wide range of apps, websites, and philosophies. I feel my strength lie in being able to pick up on new technologies quickly. Although it’s one thing to pick up on them and another to guide your Grade 3/4 students through them! If I ever teach upper grades in the future there are so many different things I’d like to try and explore with them! I’m keeping it super simple with my little ones! Technology has always been a passion and interest of mine, so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning what’s out there!
  3. What skills and tools would you like to continue to explore and develop now that the course is wrapping up?
    1. I’d like to explore more virtual reality. I want to discover how to use this technology in a Grade ¾ classroom. I think this age would benefit from this way of learning so much, it’s unfortunate so many games or activities are out of individual teachers, or school districts’ budgets. I’ll still have fun seeing what’s out there and if I can bring it in for my students. 
    2. I’d also like to continue my learning on making my students digital citizens in a more meaningful way. It’s often just been in one lesson, or in passing when we come across something I remembered from this course. But it’d like to be more intentional with this learning.


Thanks for a fantastic semester everyone!