EDDL 5151: Blog Post #4


EDDL 5151: Blog Post #3


EDDL 5151: Blog Post #5

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    These are complimentary resources you’ve selected here. You’ve shared some good examples here as well. I think there was an initial reluctance to take social media tools (and that way of interacting) into the professional realm for several years. I think it is much more prevalent (the pandemic may have given it a nudge). I maintain a fairly wide network that mostly based on RSS feeds, Mattermost (an open-source, federated Slack alternative) and Twitter. Alec Couros is someone I follow and read from time to time and I’ve met him a few times at conferences. I find the more solid connections are with people doing similar work in BC post-secondary as these links are reinforced by frequent problem-solving chatter.

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