Week 9: Activity 3 – Welcome Video

Check out my video on Vimeo!

How I created my video

I used Powtoon to create my video. I’ve wanted to figure out how to make a decent video using this program for a while. The free version really limits your ability to personalize your videos. I had made a character that looked more like me and didn’t realize I couldn’t export the video with that character. I had to go back and change them all. But this website is fairly easy to use and get the hang of. I just used a template and changed the words and character to what I wanted. When I have a bit more time I would like to play around with making one from scratch and see how easy or difficult it is.

Where do I see myself using this video. 

I would totally use this video on the first day of class, or even as the first video I send home to parents through a Class Dojo post. I don’t see myself using this specific video in my Technology Integration Activity, but I could make a funny one to put on the homepage of my Google Site.

Any other suggestions you might have for increasing teacher presence in your own context.

With my age group of Grade 3/4 all learning is done face-to-face in class, so I wouldn’t be making a lot of videos to send home about learning content. But I can see myself using videos more to engage students in their learning. If I can get a rhythm going with Powtoon I’d love to keep making little videos that either summarize content I’ve taught or use it to introduce new lessons.


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  1. Short, sweet and to the point. I like the simple graphics and language you used, they made the video very approachable.

  2. Great video Sarah

    Colorful, fun music the kids will love it!


  3. I loved this video Sarah! You mentioned that videos may not have an important role in your class since you are face-to-face but I would love to receive a video like this for my child’s class. To prepare them for the new year and to know my child’s instructor a bit better. So perhaps this isn’t for the kids but for the parents!

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I agree with Karine; a video like this geared towards parents of students in your class would be stellar to send at the beginning of the school year!

    I like your color choice, the composition of your slides and that you authentically conveyed to your students an interest in growing together. It sets a great tone for showing interest in your students, that you are thinking about them and looking forward to connecting with them, before they even meet you. I can see how welcome videos can reduce transactional distances between instructors and learners and help set the climate in the educational experience.



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