EDDL 5101: Week 6 – Assignment 3 Exploring Digital Solutions


My assignment was created on Padlet. Click on this link to access it ———-> https://padlet.com/sarahletourneau/Bookmarks



EDDL 5101: Week 3 – Activity 4: My Checklist Criteria


EDDL 5101: Week 7 – Assignment 1 The Diffusion Simulation Game

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  1. Hi Sarah! I read through your Padlet presentation. Very creative! I’m not familiar with Google Classroom but Flipgrid has been a great tool for providing feedback in one of my courses. It’s quick and intuitive for this generation. I also find that students will skim my written feedback but tend to pay attention when it is provided in video format (if it’s short of course!). Looking forward to reading your final project!

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