Activity 4: Share Your Tweet Chat Experience

Create a portfolio post to share your experiences participating in an educator’s Tweet Chat this week. What Tweet Chat did you choose, and why? How did you find that Tweet Chat? How can others participate? How did you find the experience? What did you learn? And do you plan to keep participating in future sessions?


I’ve never used Twitter before, so I had to make a new account this week. It was fairly easy to do, but a little overwhelming trying to sort out who to follow and what was a retweet and so on. At first when I looked at the list of educator’s Tweet Chats I noticed some of interest to me, but the set time did not work for my schedule. It also took me a few tries to realize the times were listed in EST, instead of our timezone PST. Whoops! I was really looking forward to taking part in the tweet chat of @Nt2t, but the 6am time did not work for me. Then I ran into more issues when the tweet chat I chose next @Elemchat hasn’t been updated since 2012, so I decided on @bcedchat finally! And then, it wasn’t running when I signed on at 7pm today. I’m assuming due to the long weekend it isn’t running. I learned that you need to confirm the time a Tweet chat will happen before committing and setting yourself up to participate in one, only to realize it’s not happening.  

My introduction to the world of Twitter has been nothing short of frustrating. I do not see myself using these educational Tweet chat sessions right now as it doesn’t work for me to be responding to questions at a specific time. When I have some more time on my hands I would only try the @bcedchat due to it being relevant to me being a BC teacher. At this present time I don’t see Twitter being added to my PLN.